Tetsuo Aka Uomo D'Acciaio
General information
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Location -
Status Active
Formed in 2007
Style Martial Industrial, Military Noise
Last label Old Europa Cafe (2013)

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Uomo D'Acciaio (Tetsuo)

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Something About The Atomic Age ‎(6xFile, MP3, 128) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn32 2007
• TSIDMZ, Aural Resuscitation Unit, RedSK - Suffocating Darkness ‎(CDr) TRASHFUCK Records TFR066 2011
We Are Time ‎(CDr, Album, Lim) Ufa Muzak UFA 45 2011
Pax Deorum Hominumque ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) Old Europa Cafe OECD 158 2012
BloodSoil I Striider I Legionarii I TSIDMZ - Civis Europaeus Sum ‎(CDr, Ltd, PRO) Ufa Muzak, Skullline UFA 53, SLCDR139-12 2012
Genocide Lolita vs. TSIDMZ - Pain Is Everywhere / Thulesehnsucht In Der Maschinenzeit ‎(CDr, Ltd, Num) SkullLine SLCDR164-13 2013
Ungern Von Sternberg Khan ‎(CD, Album, Enh, Ltd) Old Europa Cafe OECD 181 2013


• Ezcaton, Fukte, L.C.B., TSIDMZ, Torturing Nurse, Malameccanica - Eva 1-18 ‎(DVDr) Ezcaton VIsual Artist none 2010


• TSIDMZ vs. [distopia] - Research On Human Dementia ‎(5xFile, MP3, 192) Dadaist Audio DADA076 2007
  TSIDMZ vs [distopia] - Research On Human Dementia ‎(CDr, EP, RE) Species Productions SPR005 2008
  TSIDMZ vs [distopia] - Research On Human Dementia ‎(5xFile, MP3) Deadknife Records Dead171 2008
• Death Factory, Dental Work, Nryy & TSIDMZ - Split ‎(CDr) Placenta Recordings PR#147 2011



We march In The Suicide Noise Various - MILITARIA Volume One ‎(File, MP3Sur) Noctis Cultus 01 2008
Mental Terrorism Various - The Third Eye Is A Hole In The Head ‎(CDr, Album) ablutio-sono-tristia A.S.T.001-08 2008
...Doch Das Licht Erlosch! Heiliges Licht - Friendship Is Everything Part 2 ‎(8xFile, MP3, Album) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn72 2008
Nihilism And Art Various - Ascetic Sperm Diet: Girls, Guns & Pierre Molinier ‎(2xCDr, Ltd, Sli) Bone Structure Bone 61 2008
A Descent Into The Maelström Various - Tales Of The Grotesque And Arabesque - A Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe 2 versions Notariqon 2009
Sonora Commedia (Libretto Con 3cd) ‎(3xCDr, Album) Kipple Officina Libraria intonarumori 09 2009
Leave Your Dream Various - Strange Attractor ‎(21xFile, MP3) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions 100 2009
Futurism Against Humanity AA.VV. - Gatti Neri Che Cadono Vol. 1 ‎(8xFile, MP3, 320) Gatti Rossi Che Cadono GRCCN0002010 2010
Sloth Various - Split ‎(CDr) Placenta Recordings #147 2011
Por Los Caidos! Various - Todesschwadron! ‎(CDr, Ltd) SkullLine SLCDR150-12 2013
Paul Von Hindenburg (as TSIDMZ (Thule Sehnsucht In Der Maschinen Zeit)) and 1 more… Various - Passendale 1917 ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) SkullLine SLCDR152-12 2013


A Desperate Winter Symphony Various - Winter Of Dissonance ‎(28xFile, MP3, Comp) Deadknife Records [Dead0052] 2007
We March In The Suicide Noise Various - The World Of The Evil Dead ‎(16xFile, Comp, MP3) Deadknife Records [Dead0031] 2007
Love, Folk And The Berlin Wall Various - Military : Fetish : Muzak ‎(30xFile, MP3, Comp, 192) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn55 2007 1
Final War In The Desert Various - Laughing In The Face Of Mainstream ‎(165xFile, MP3, Comp, 192) Dadaist Audio DADA050 2007
Leave Your Dream Various - Smell The Stench Second Net Compilation ‎(113xFile, MP3, Comp) Smell The Stench sts-net 200 2007
Brains Under Control Various - Chaoz Records Net Compilation ‎(53xFile, MP3, Comp) Chaoz Records Kaoz001 2007
Kill And Purify Various - Killing In The Name Of Reverend Murder...Is Our Business (Vol.1) ‎(15xFile, MP3, Comp) Deadknife Records Dead195 2008
My Post -Atomic Ambient War Various - "[RAAO]" [Re-Apocalypse Automatic Orchestra] ‎(35xFile, MP3, Comp) Core:Back Records CBR37 2008
Openfield Various - Landwirtschaft ‎(File, MP3, Comp, 320) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn82 2008
Kill And Purify Various - The Placenta Compilation Vol. 3 ‎(68xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Dadaist Audio DADA155 2008
Wailing Leoninds (Mental Terrorism Horror Space Ambient Mix) Various - 404 Fatal Terrors ‎(2xCDr, Ltd, Comp) Bone Structure Bone 88 2008
A Murder Symphony and 1 more… Various - Hinterkaifeck. The Peace Of Heaven In A Rotten World. A Taste Of Bitterness. ‎(File, MP3, Comp) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn74 2008
Leave Your Dream Various - Strange Attractor ‎(21xFile, Comp) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn100 2009
We March In The Noise Against The New Global Order Various - Free Your Mind - Compilation II ‎(31xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Kaos Ex Machina Promotions KEMn111 2009
The Predictable Fall Of The Last Civilization Various - Infernum - The Divine Comedy Tribute ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd, Comp) Inchiostrum Records INC 001 2009
Dark And Cold Various - Seiei Jack's R.A.A.O Apocalypse Children ‎(47xFile, MP3, Comp) Core:Back Records CBR 56 2009
The Power Of The Wolves Various - Tribute To The Dead Soldiers (1914-1918) Vol. I ‎(20xFile, MP3, Comp) La Caverne Du Dragon LCDDFDL001 2009
Mental Terrorism Various - Not Our World Alone ‎(50xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Pavillon36 Recordings P36-022 2009
Ota Benga Pt.1 Various - Necktar 2017 Volume 1 ‎(86xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, M.i.r.e.n.a none 2009
Post-atomic Symphony No. 1 (Feat. Georges Bizet) Various - Sturmreif: The New Underground Of Military Pop 2 versions Castellum Stoufenburc 2010
Openfield Various - Magnum Opus Volume 2 ‎(10xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Dungeon Of Darkness DOD-007 2010
Ota Benga Pt.2 Versione Alternativa Various - Necktar 2017 Volume 2 ‎(92xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, M.i.r.e.n.a none 2010
Dark And Cold Various - Icaro I: First Compilation 2 versions Daidalos Records 2011
Bushido (feat. Lonsai Maikov) Various - Koumyou - Dark Artists For Japan Earthquake Relief ‎(47xFile, MP3, Album, Comp) Catapult none 2011
The Predictable Fall Of The Last Civilization Various - Devil Noise Assemblage - Compilation #1 ‎(8xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Devil Noise Records DN073 2011
Sloth and 1 more… Various - The Seven Deadly Sins Compilation : Acedia ‎(28xFile, MP3, Comp) SDS-Compilation 2011-04 2011
Chernobyl Child Various - Remember Chernobyl (1986-2011) ‎(19xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Ambientaria Records none 2011
Ota Benga Pt.1 and 1 more… Various - Necktar + Necktar 2017 ‎(DVDr, Comp + 732xFile, MP3) Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, HAK Lo-Fi Record LCN 000, earS 051, EXTRA H.A.K. 2011
The Power Of The Wolves Various - Human Machines Second Connection 3 versions Hypnopompic State 2012
In The Mouth Of Madness (Heiliges Licht Remix) Various - No Red Seas ‎(54xFile, Comp) Not On Label none 2012
Kill And Purify Various - Placenta Recordings Presents: The Early Bird Gets The Worm: The Best Of The Placenta Compilations 2006-2009 ‎(2xCDr, Comp) Placenta Recordings PR#208 2012
The Age Of Anxiety Various - Human Machines ‎(File, MP3, Comp) Hypnopompic State HS#006 2012
Ota Benga Pt 2 Various - Re[c]quiem ‎(CDr, Comp) Santos Productions SNTSR01 2012
We March In The Noise Against The New Global Order Various - Icaro II: Second Compilation Of Daidalos Records ‎(24xFile, FLAC, Comp) Daidalos Records ICARO0016 2012
Italy (as TZIDMZ) Various - Exquisite Cadaver Vol I ‎(18xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Bleeemo Music none 2012
The Age Of Anxiety Various - The Age Of Anxiety ‎(18xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Hesperus Records HESPERUS011 2012
Omnium Sunt Unum Various - Saving Furry Friends: An Electronic-Noise Compilation 2 versions Glorey Whole Records 2013
Voyage Au Centre De La Terre Various - Au Bout Du Monde - The Jules Verne Compilation ‎(DVDr, Comp + 29xFile, WAV) Shelley Schellack SS06 2013
Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini) Various - Sacredly Silver & Equally Gold ‎(3xCDr, Comp, Ltd) Else Product elseproduct30 2013
The Last War On Earth Various - Necktar 2017 Volume 5 ‎(111xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, HAK Lo-Fi Record none 2013
Sturmwarnung Schattenspiel - Licht Und Schatten - The Best Of Schattenspiel 3 versions SkullLine 2013
Gladsheim Various - Ragnarök ‎(80xFile, MP3, Comp) Body Music none 2014


Chinese Capitalism Various - Maolympic Games ‎(File, MP3, 128 + File, MP3, VBR + File, Wav) VPA Music VPAM002 2008  

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TSIDMZ - Live extracts from Sine Armistitio, Milano 7 9 13

TSIDMZ - Live extracts from Sine Armistitio, Milano 7 9 13