Palace of worms

Palace of Worms is a small Italian label which has been gracing the neofolk, neoclassical, and neo medieval music communities with select releases for a number of years now. The output of Palace of Worms has always been restricted to high quality releases targeted at promoting deserving artists rather than gushing out insignificant releases for profit. Having established such a solid identity as a respectable label Palace of Worms has become a trusted companion to many music lovers.

Contact Info:

Palace of Worms Records
via Bronzetti 19 23900 Lecco - Italy
tel-fax (39) 0341 284106

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Various - Heilige Tod (Comp) 2 versions PO1W-2 1995
Various - Palace Of Worms ‎(CD, Comp) PO 2W-2 1996
Stay Frightened - Still ‎(CD, Album) PO4W-2 1997
Bleeding Like Mine - In The Eyes Of Lovelost ‎(CD, Album) PO 5W-2 1997
Runes Order - Waiting Forever (Memories Remain) (Album) 2 versions PO 6W-2 1998
Luna In Cælo - Aquellos Desgarradores Gritos Lllamados Silencio ‎(CD, Album, Enh) PO12W-2 1998
Various - Storm The Palace: Worms A.D. MCXVII ‎(CD, Comp) PO7W-2 1999
Vehemence Realized - Severe ‎(CD) PO 8W-2 1999
O Quam Tristis - Funérailles Des Petits Enfants ‎(CD, Album) PO 9W-2 2000
Various - The Power Of A New Aeon (Musical Impressions Of The Tarot) ‎(2xCD, Comp) PO10-W2 2000
Bleeding Like Mine - Never Again Will I Dream... ‎(CD, Album) PO11W-2 2001
Bleeding Like Mine - In The Eyes Of Lovelost ‎(CD, Album, RE) PO 5W-2a 2002
O Quam Tristis - Le Rituel Sacré ‎(CD, Album) PO13W-2 2002
Various - Defend The Palace: Worms A.D.MCLXXXIV (Comp) 3 versions PO14W-2 2002
Heaven Falls Hard - In The Obedience Of Angels ‎(CDr, Album) PO16W2 2002
Conscientia Peccati - Culpa Somniorum ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) PO15W-2 2003
Thy Violent Vanities - Come To Dust ‎(CDr, Album) PO17W-2 2004
Conscientia Peccati - Draco Rex ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) PO19W-2 2004
Second Skin - Black Eyed Angel (Album) 2 versions PO18W-2 2005
Silent Love Of Death - The Poet's Senses ‎(CD, Album) PO20W-2 2005
O Quam Tristis - Méditations Ultimes ‎(CD, Album) PO21W-2 2005
Daemonia Nymphe - Remixed ‎(CD, Album) POW22-2 2005
Various - Nikolaevka ‎(CD, Comp) PO23W-2 2008
Second Skin - Illa Exuro In Silentum ‎(CD, Album) PO24W-2 2008
O Quam Tristis - Les Chants Funestes ‎(CD, Album) PO25W-2 2008
Albireon - I Passi Di Liù (Album) 2 versions PO26W-2 2008
Albireon - Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli ‎(2xCD, Album, Ltd) PO27W-2 2013
Paul Roland - Hexen ‎(CD, Album) PO29W-2 2013
Albireon, Tony Wakeford - Snowflake/Hell Is Within ‎(7", Ltd, Pur) PO28W-1 2014
Paul Roland - Hexen ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Cle) PO29W-1 2014

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