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Within the broad movement of new age music, neoclassical New Age music is influenced by and sometimes also based upon early, baroque or classical music, especially in terms of melody and composition. The artist may offer a modern arrangement of a work by an established composer or combine elements from classical styles with modern elements to produce original compositions. Many artists within this sub-genre are classically trained musicians. Although there is a wide variety of individual styles, Neoclassical New Age music is generally melodic, harmonic, and instrumental, using both traditional musical instruments as well as electronic instruments. Similar neoclassical elements can often be found within other genres besides New Age music, including electronic music, minimalist music, post-rock music and neoclassical dark wave music.

The neoclassical new age genre can be traced back to the origins of new age music in 1970s. For example, Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire and Vangelis's Heaven and Hell (1975) are two early examples of this genre. While new age music gradually came more and more to emphasize inspiration, relaxation, spirituality, and positive feelings, neoclassical new age has tended to emphasize artistic and aesthetic expression using classical idioms drawn chiefly from the Romantic period.

Notable artists and composers Править

Max Richter Balmorhea Hennie Bekker Blackmore's Night
Sarah Brightman Harold Budd Clogs Suzanne Ciani
Heather Dale Mychael Danna Bill Douglas Kyle Bobby Dunn
Ludovico Einaudi Chris Field Michael Hoppé Jóhann Jóhannsson
Michael Jones Bradley Joseph Yuki Kajiura Peter Kater
Kevin Kern Sandeep Khurana Fariborz Lachini Ingram Marshall
Pieter Nooten Mike Oldfield E.S. Posthumus Rachel's
Nox Arcana Paul Schwartz Secret Garden Øystein Sevåg
Jami Sieber Mannheim Steamroller Lindsey Stirling David Templeton
Vangelis Rondò Veneziano (G.P. Reverberi) Andreas Vollenweider George Winston
Yanni Ralph Zurmühle Slava Jamm Ólafur Arnalds

Notable labels Править

  • Koch records
  • Narada Productions
  • Windham Hill Records