Lifes Decay

Country of origin: France
Location: Paris
Status: Closed 2009
Formed in: 2003
Style: Martial Industrial, Neoclassical
Lyrical themes:
Last label: Abstraktsens Produktions (2010)

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Alea (+2005)

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"Life's Decay is a duo band, based in Paris, France.
Since its creation, six main albums were born together with an EP, a rare tracks album and a Vinyl disc.
Lyktwasst started the project at the beginning of 2003, realizing everything from the concept to the accomplishment. In 2005, he began working with Alea, feminine singer and lyric writer. In 2008 she also started to work on the music by introducing classical acoustic instruments as a composer.
Life's Decay has the will to create a personal universe, musically and visually, influenced by eclectic universes: dark classical acoustic music, steampunk industrial, experimental pop-rock...
A big musical evolution occurred between the first album and the later releases. Lyktwasst and Alea unite their passion of music and innovation to offer different albums from one to another, invested and anchored in their own universe.
The graphics also has a huge importance in the project. Lyktwasst creates artworks made of solid black and white which establish a “retro - luxury” universe. Music and visuals are completely connected. As a “Dot it yourself” concept, he also realizes all the photographs, music videos, websites etc...

Lyktwasst created the label " Abstraktsens Produktions " in 2004 to assure the production, the promotion and the distribution of Life Decay. All the CD and the other productions of the project were released on this label."

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Human Art Decay [first suicide] ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD101 2003
Art Decay Extremism ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD001 2004
Anleva ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD002 2005
Lysselia ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD003 2006
Szilentia ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD004 2007
Lakasteasya ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD102 2008
Eklaasera ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD005 2008
Dysrieuses ‎(CD, Album) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPCD006 2009


Dyssera ‎(LP, Comp, RM) Abstraktsens Produktions ABPLP001 2010



Desespoir Suicidaire Various - Drowning Into Sorrow Volume 1 ‎(CDr, in ) Paradise Noise Records none 2005
Regimental Various - WHW ‎(2xCDr, Ltd) SkullLine SLCDR010-07 2007
Waerkstats Various - In The Sign Of The Runes 2 versions SkullLine 2008
Sziktalia Various - Escape Into Oblivion ‎(16xFile, MP3, VBR) Smell The Stench sts-net 313 2008
Valensky Various - French Collaboration Volume I ‎(23xFile, MP3, Com) La Caverne Du Dragon LCDDFDL006 2009
Novarch (Remastered Version) Various - Neo-Form III ‎(17xFile, MP3, 192) Neo-Form NF3 2009
Gloria (Mangadrive Remix) Mangadrive - Habitual.Forcefeed ‎(CDr, Album) Not On Label none 2009


Désespoir Suicidaire Various - Into A Black Circle ‎(CD, Comp) Not On Label IABC 001 2004
Gloria Various - Splicing The Icy Expanse ‎(CD, Comp) Else Product elseproduct15 2006
Sphere Various - Silent Fears ‎(3xCDr, Comp + Box, Ltd) Theremin Noise Club TNC040 2006
Retroscape Various - The World Of The Evil Dead ‎(16xFile, Comp, MP3) Deadknife Records [Dead0031] 2007
Gloria Various - Nonpop #1 ‎(26xFile, MP3, Comp) www.nonpop.de Nonpop #1 2007
Sziktalia Various - Smell The Stench Second Net Compilation ‎(113xFile, MP3, Comp) Smell The Stench sts-net 200 2007
Errklass Various - Donec Ad Metam ‎(28xFile, MP3, Comp) #Neo-folk.it NF004 2007 1
Orguanium Various - Bewein Dein Mädel 2 versions SkullLine 2008
Valensky Various - Orkus Compilation 45 ‎(CD, Comp) Orkus 2008-12/2009-01 2008
Extzen Various - Sin-Tech ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd) Shinto Records SHN012 2008
Valensky Various - Lunar Sea ‎(CD, Comp) Shinto Records SHN019 2009
Valensky Various - Why I Remember ‎(2xCDr, Comp) Not On Label none 2009
Sziktalia Various - Sin-Faktory ‎(CD, Comp) Shinto Records SHN018 2009
Eveen Various - Not Our World Alone ‎(50xFile, MP3, Comp, 320) Pavillon36 Recordings P36-022 2009
Etesse Various - Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas ‎(2xCDr, Comp) Dark Meadow Recordings DMRLC01 2010
Swanics Various - Torture Garden ‎(CD, Comp) Shinto Records SHN021 2010
Etesse Various - Wheel Of Fortune # 1 Compilation ‎(21xFile, MP3, Comp) Kermesse Records KRnet004 2010
Elystea Various - Alchemist Compendium II ‎(17xFile, MP3, Comp) Protea Records PTA016 2010
Exalyne Various - Laptop Hooligans & Cubiculo Noise Recordings Present : ‎(44xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Laptop Hooligans, Cubiculo Noise Recording 033, 255-CNR 2011
Exaissance Various - Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas Vol. 2 ‎(4xCDr, Comp) Dark Meadow Recordings DMRLC02 2011
Valensky Various - The Seven Deadly Sins : Gula ‎(29xFile, MP3, Comp) SDS-Compilation 2011-08 2011
Descence Various - Free Tibet Free ‎(32xFile, Comp, MP3) Body Music none 2013
Efleura Various - Au Bout Du Monde - The Jules Verne Compilation ‎(DVDr, Comp + 29xFile, WAV) Shelley Schellack SS06 2013


Feythium Various - 5th Anniversary - 5 Jahre SkullLine 3 versions SkullLine 2010

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Life's Decay - Valensky - 2008 Eklaasera

Life's Decay - Valensky - 2008 Eklaasera