Country of origin: Sweden
Status: Active
Formed in: 2010
Style: Martial Industrial, Neofolk
Lyrical themes:
Last label: Equilibrium Music (2013)

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Henry Möller (Arditi, Puissance)
Michayah Belfagor (Nefandus, Ofermod)
P. Ståhl

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"LEIDUNGR is a Nordic Ritual Folk project formed in 2010 by H. Möller (of ARDITI and PUISSANCE), M. Belfagor (of NEFANDUS and OFERMOD) and P. Ståhl.

Although its inception can arguably be traced back to ARDITI‘s “Statues of Gods” release (10” EP 2009, Equilibrium Music), LEIDUNGR quickly grew into a unique separate entity. It was while working on the material for this split 10″ that H. Möller’s experiments with Swedish traditional Folk elements lead to a new found path which clearly deserved further exploration. New allies for this endeavor were found in M. Belfagor and guitarist P. Ståhl. Both contribute lyrics and vocals to the project, with Belfagor’s research in Nordic esoteric traditions offering a rich conceptual background for LEIDUNGR. Visual assistance was found in Freki Wodenswolf, a talented artist known his unique handcrafted creations, made from natural materials as leather, wood, horn, bone and metal. Perfectly in tune with the project’s inspiration and Nordic roots, Freki has provided much of the artwork that accompanies LEIDUNGR‘s outputs. The band made their debut via the limited edition “Hell Eder Asar” 7″ EP, released on Fronte Nordico in 2011, which quickly started to build anticipation surrounding the release of a full album. “De Nio Kraftsångerna” is the name of the long awaited debut album, released in February 2013 via Equilibrium Music on matt varnished Digipak CD with copper printing.

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Hell Eder Asar (7", Ltd) Fronte Nordico LRI 2011
De Nio Kraftsångerna (CD, Album) Equilibrium Music EQM036 2013

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Leidungr - De Nio Kraftsångerna - album trailler

Leidungr - De Nio Kraftsångerna - album trailler