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Country of origin: Austria
Status: Active
Formed in: 1996
Styles: Martial Industrial, Neofolk, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock
Lyrical themes: Europe, Wars History
Last labels: WKN, New Era Productions


Albin Julius - La Maison Moderne, Boyd Rice And Friends, Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand, Fragola Nera, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
Bain Wolfkind - Fragola Nera, Novo Homo
Jörg Buchmüller - Graumahd, Varunna
Marthynna - Fragola Nera

Text from Discogs

Der Blutharsch is the main project of Austrian musician Albin Julius. Following in the footsteps of Autopsia and Laibach, Julius creates a marching music of bombastic rhythms and folkish melodies, often infused with historical military speeches and orchestral samples. The earlier works tended towards a minimalistic sample-based instrumental style in an industrial/ambient vein, while more recent material has headed into a folk/acoustic sound, often accompanied with live vocals and instruments.

Der Blutharsch's first release was a self-titled picture LP released in late 1996 on the Arthur's Round Table label, but the project didn't became Julius' main musical outlet until 1998 after the break-up of his previous band The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. The first CD album "Der Sieg des Lichtes Ist des Lebens Heil" was released that year, followed by a series of limited EP's, before the release of the masterpiece "The Pleasures Received In Pain" in 1999.

Almost all of the bands releases are through Julius' personal austrian-based label "WKN" ("Wir Kapitulieren Niemals"), which was distributed by World Serpent UK until 2000, when it switched to Tesco Distribution in Germany. Since 2001 various musicians have acted as part of the band, but Albin Julius currently claims Der Blutharsch to have four permanent members: Marthynna, Jörg B. (of Graumadh), Bain Wolfkind (of Novo Homo) and himself.

The band officially disbanded in 2010, but was newly founded as Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand in the same year.



Der Blutharsch 4 versions Arthur's Round Table 1996
Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil! 7 versions WKN 1998
The Pleasures Received In Pain 6 versions WKN 1999
The Long Way Home 2 versions WKN 2000
The Track Of The Hunted 4 versions WKN 2000
When All Else Fails! 5 versions WKN 2001
Time Is Thee Enemy! 4 versions WKN 2003
Live At The Monastery 3 versions WKN 2005
Live In Copenhagen 2 versions WKN 2006
When Did Wonderland End? 5 versions WKN 2005
The Philosopher's Stone 6 versions WKN 2007
Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch - Kreuzung Drei ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) Ewers Tonkunst HHE 022 CD 2008
Flying High! 4 versions WKN 2009
A Night Of Confusion 3 versions Not On Label 2009
Live In Leiden 2 versions WKN 2010
Live In Praha ‎(DVD-V, PAL + Box, Ltd) WKN WKN 38 2010

Singles & EPs

Der Blutharsch ‎(7", Ltd) WKN WKN01 1997
The Moment Of Truth ‎(10", Ltd) WKN WKN04 1998
Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal - Apöcalyptic Climäx 2 3 versions WKN 1999
Der Gott Der Eisen Wachsen Ließ ‎(CD, Maxi, Ltd) WKN WKN 6 1999
Gold Gab Ich Für Eisen ‎(CD, Mini + VHS, PAL + Box, Ltd) WKN WKN07 1999
Ain Soph / Der Blutharsch - Split 2 versions WKN 2000
Nový Svět / Der Blutharsch - Inutiles ‎(7", Ltd, S/Sided) WKN WKN13 2000
Thank You! ‎(7", S/Sided, Ltd, Gre) WKN WKN12 2000
El Diablo ‎(7", Ltd) Not On Label none 2001
Good Luck To You! ‎(7", Pic, Ltd, S/Sided) WKN WKN16 2002
Der Blutharsch / Nový Svět - Cafe Mentone 3 versions WKN 2003
Der Blutharsch / Zetazeroalfa - Untitled ‎(7", Ltd) WKN WKN19 2003
Time Is Thee Enemy! ‎(7", Pic, S/Sided, Ltd) WKN WKN 21 2004
So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me ‎(7", Ltd) WKN WKN25 2005
Vittoriale ‎(7", Pic, Ltd, S/Sided) WKN WKN23 2005
Der Blutharsch vs. Dernière Volonté - Untitled ‎(7", Ltd) WKN WKN27 2006
Untitled ‎(7", S/Sided, Ltd) WKN WKN26 2006
Yellow Leaf ‎(7", Pic, S/Sided + Box, Ltd) WKN WKN30 2007
The Philosopher's Stone ‎(7", Ltd) WKN WKN29 2007
Der Blutharsch / Sottofasciasemplice - Untitled 2 versions WKN 2008
Untitled ‎(7", S/Sided, Ltd) WKN none 2008
Der Blutharsch vs. Our Survival Depends On Us - Untitled 2 versions WKN 2009
Untitled ‎(7", S/Sided, Ltd) WKN WKN 35 2009
Der Blutharsch / White Hills - Today I Want To Catch Clouds ‎(7", EP, Ltd) WKN WKN 36 2010
Altar Of Perversion / Mordaehoth / Der Blutharsch - Tributo A Der Blutharsch ‎(CD, Ltd) New Era Productions NEP XX 2011


Fire Danger Season ‎(CD, Shape, EP + CD, Comp + 2xCD, Comp, Ltd + Box) WKN WKN17 2002
The Moment Of Truth 2 versions WKN 2004
Speech Of Truth Will Be Eternal ‎(CD, Comp, Ltd) The Eastern Front, Topheth Prophet none 2004
Everything Is Alright! 3 versions WKN 2008
Werkschau 1997 : 2010 ‎(2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Num) Handmade Birds HB-DIS015 2011


Sad Song Singers ‎(VHS) WKN WKN02 1997
Untitled ‎(CDr, VCD) WKN Video CD 2003


Viele Feinde Viele Ehre ‎(CDr, CD-ROM) Düdeschar none 2002