Country of origin: Czechia
Location: Prague
Status: Closed 2007
Formed in: 1999
Style: Martial Industrial, Neoclassical
Lyrical themes:
Last label: Integrated Music Records (2007)

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Vladimír Hirsch - Aghiatrias, Czech Integrated Ensemble, Der Marabu, Luminar Ax, Skrol, Tiria, Zygote
Tom Saivon (r.n. Tomáš Novák) - Aghiatrias, Skrol, Tiria

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Aghiatrias is a Czech "integrated music" ensemble from Prague. The band consisted of composer Vladimír Hirsch and sound engineer Tom Saivon and was started in 1999 as an offshoot of their sympho-industrial band Skrol. Their music is based on an integration of contemporary classical music, dark ambient and ambient industrial music. The name "Aghiatrias" is the collocation of Greek words αγία (saint) and τριάς (trinity). Aghiatrias finished their activity in 2007.

In autumn 1999, Vladimír Hirsch (composer, keyboards, samplers, drums, vocals, computer) and Tom Saivon (noise generators, samplers, computer, lyrics) joined their creative efforts in this project. Their goal was an extrapolation and combination of contemporary classical music (Hirsch) and noise (Saivon) tendencies within Skrol, which was eventually, through mutual infiltration by basic theses and antitheses, brought to life as a fully homogeneous structure by both members of the group. After more than five years of existence, the band is widely known in the European industrial scene and regularly performs at prestigious European festivals. The ensemble regularly appeared in Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Germany. They also went on a long and successful tour in the United States in June 2001. The shows in New York, Boston, Portland (Maine), Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and other towns were mostly a combination of programs by SKROL and AGHIATRIAS. Singer Martina Sanollová (mezzo-soprano) also participates in Aghiatrias' recordings and live performances.

Aghiatrias recordings are typical fully conceptual works. Their first album, Field Mass (2000) is formally a classical opus, with all standard liturgical elements, but settled within a simple central plot framework.

The second album, Epidaemia vanitatis (Epidemy Of Vanity) (2002), the first release on their own label (Integrated Music Records) is, from the viewpoint of musical form, another step towards integrating tonality into atonality and classical into postindustrial.

Their third album Regions Of Limen, finished in August 2003, represents a kind of „aghiatrisation“ of Hirsch’s solo project DE REGIONIBUS LIMINIS. An extensive dark ambient album devoted to the theme of subliminal perception and its fictive musical application. The album was released in March 2004 by the Czech label Epidemie Records.

The fourth album Ethos is a return to thematic work, accomplishing its own concept of so-called "integrated music" that represents a confrontation in broad dimensions of contemporary classics, dark-ambient, noise and industrial.

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Field Mass ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd) CatchArrow Recordings Catch 042 2000
Epidæmia Vanitatis ‎(CD) Integrated Music Records Catch 043 2002
Live At Middle East ‎(CDr, Unofficial) Ars Morta Universum arm 00A 2003
Regions Of Limen ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) Epidemie Records EPR 045 2004
Ethos ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) Epidemie Records EPR054 2006
Reliquary ‎(CDr, Ltd) Integrated Music Records Catch 057 2007

Appearances compilations

Chiasmata and 4 more… Vladimír Hirsch - Integrated Music Archives, Vol.1 ‎(2xCDr, Comp, Ltd) Integrated Music Records Catch 045A 2004
Syncrasia Various - A Rainy November Day In Wroclaw ‎(CD, Ltd) Ars Benevola Mater ABM 09 2004
Poison Of God 2 and 1 more… Vladimír Hirsch - Integrated Music Archives, Vol.2 ‎(2xCDr, Comp, Ltd) Integrated Music Records Catch 045B 2009
Electroaxon Various - Necktar 2017 Volume 6 ‎(151xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) Le Colibri Nécrophile, Earsheltering, HAK Lo-Fi Record none 2014

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Aghiatrias - Gloria - 2000 Field Mass

Aghiatrias - Gloria - 2000 Field Mass